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Sean Lee is NYC-based commerce-driven content provider, blogger, writer, ghostwriter, and social media expert. Through his company Sean David Lee LLC, Sean has worked with over 300 industrial, corporate, retail, and media clients producing 50-60 blogs, 15-20 promotional emails, 500-1000 Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts per month. Sean was the Head Moderator of the popular political website, and is now part of the moderation team at the New York Times handling thousands of comments a day and interacting with a diverse community in the current politically-charged climate.

Sean has worked in a variety of fields including academia (Cornell's ILR School, BLG, The Bacharach Blog), entertainment (Head Writer of the nationally syndicated The Cooper Lawrence Show, Refinery29Rolling Stone), current events (social media adviser for and the New York Times), manufacturing (Thomas Publishing), and advertising (commerce-driven content for Search Optics, LT2, Thomas and voiceover artist for McDonalds, JELLI Radio, Time WarnerNivea). Sean's goal is to make the client happy and to do so in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



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